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Rachael Methal (Ardsley)  is a mother of two; CFO of Somos, a telecommunications technology company.  Over her 25 year career in finance and technology, she has supported companies ranging from Fortune 500 to emerging growth.  She believes that creating a compelling vision and empowering people yields the most effective results.


Dillon Floughton (NYC) is a Senior Analyst in AIG’s Corporate Development team. Prior to joining AIG, Dillon served in the NY National Guard as an Enlisted Infantryman.


Timothy Thuku (New Castle) is a Vice President at Morgan Stanley and a co-founder of Chemaks Partners, a natural and organic home and body care ecommerce business. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Timothy spent 9 years at Goldman Sachs specializing in currency and interest rate derivatives. 


Gregg Farber is Co-Founder and Principal of Elevation Development Group, which acquires and develops commercial and residential properties.  He has over 15 years of experience serving on boards and leadership committees of nonprofit organizations.  


Christina Ryan-Linder is the Director of the Greenburgh Public Library.


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